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Communications wiring is a critical part of almost every organization's daily operation, yet the importance of having it installed properly is often overlooked.  After all, it's usually hidden above ceiling tiles, inside walls and behind closed doors... so as long as it works, many people don't give it much thought.  When it comes time to add, extend or repair office phone & computer lines, however, correctly routed structured cabling can save you countless hours of technician time.


We pride ourselves at CCS with doing above average cabling work.  On installations for new or remodeled buildings, we follow procedures that meet or exceed building codes, use industry standards that make connections easy to trace for future technicians and inspect our work multiple times to ensure compliance with our stringent guidelines.  If we're working in an environment where wiring was installed before we came along, we always try to leave it neater and more organized than we found it. In short, we want our cabling to look good even to untrained eyes -- and to look great to the trained ones.


Our technicians have installed 100-pair and larger Category 3 cable, Coaxial cable, Category 5e network cable of various kinds, bandwidth-validated Category 6 cable (for gigabit ethernet) and multi-mode fiber optic cable, among others.  We always use fire rated plenum sheathing and test our data runs with state-of-the-art diagnostics that verify throughput speed. Below are photos of some of the kinds of cabling work we've done.

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