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Max provides a wide range of computer networking services.  We have the full spectrum covered.  Our consultants are fully trained and able to provide immediate break/fix solutions for your business.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to gain your confidence to maintain and support your computer network system so you can focus on your company's goals and missions.  Why have a computer network system looming over your head when you have other priorities to deal with.  Our goal is to manage the network efficiently to limit downtime if any. 


We offer affordable solutions for Network Management Services for the small to medium sized business.  Our goal is to be involved in your business daily and not just as needed.  We offer hourly rates as well as monthly flat fee rates that include all aspects of Network Management.  If you choose a monthly flat rate, then our team monitors your network system including servers, desktop workstations, internet connectivity and networking hardware on a daily basis using high tech monitoring programs and hardware as well as weekly scheduled site visits.   

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