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Improve collaboration and reduce travel costs with videoconferencing solutions from Max Solutions.



Polycom CX5000 Videoconferencing Device (Formerly Microsoft RoundTable)

The Polycom CX5000 (formerly Microsoft RoundTable) is an advanced collaboration and conferencing device that delivers an engaging meeting experience.  Now you don't have to sacrifice quality interaction due to budget or travel limitations; the CX5000 device allows for a rich meeting experience across multiple locations without sacrificing quality interaction.


* Fully engage all participants with 360-degree panoramic video of everyone in the conference room
* In addition to the panoramic view, the device also tracks who is speaking and focuses the camera on that person automatically so the active speaker is always identified
* Makes for more productive meetings with both staff and clients alike
Easy to deploy

* Record meetings for playback with synchronized voice, video, and content using Microsoft Live Meeting 2007

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