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VTrack 100

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VTrack100 is GPS/GSM based automated vehicle tracking communication system that offers SMS & web-based updates specifying the location and other critical parameters of your GPS enabled vehicle at any given time. It also allows the vehicle owner to monitor as well as control various aspects of the vehicle's functions and performance. The GPS received fitted in the vehicle retrieves information from the satellite and sends to Server or mobile via GSM networks



Remote vehicle, asset and felt monitoring through Internet or SMS

Total control over vehicle moment and other activity

Location exact vehicle position at regular intervals or on demand

Repots entire vehicle route based on time date or locations

Real-time MAP view of vehicle moment and route with minor details such as town and roods etc.

Reports on vehicle stops, vehicle speed etc...

Control vehicle ignition and other critical parameters

Retrieve all required information related to vehicle even via SMS messages on demand

All required reports can be printed and referred at any time.

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