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* Mantra FPT2000 is a wall-mounted unit with a Stainless Steel housing. In fact, it is the most rugged and durable TA (Time Attendance) and AC (Access Control) device available in the Indian market today. It can be mounted easily and conveniently without requiring too much space.
* Separate In-Out Keys for employee status.
* A 16 x 2 LCD display with backlight ensures that users can see the display clearly even in some relatively dark office environment.
* The Six Green & Red indicators, plus the clear audible sound, can clearly indicate the go-no go result of each access.
* FPT2000 supports most advance RJ-45 port.
* It has a total of 47 keys for employees to enter their Ids and retrieve/set transaction/settings, including the numeric keys 0-9 and the alpha keys A-Z, while all other systems have numeric keys only. It also accepts a wide range of the length of the ID, while other systems limit the ID to exactly four characters long. As a result, most companies can retain their existing Employee-ID-assignment system without any change. Company can create group based on Employee names or department name or designation names. This functionality can be used to reduce the identification time where large no. (more than 10,000) employee marks their attendance.
* The fingerprint sensor is angle-up by about 30 degrees, so users can comfortably place their thumb on the sensor, and it helps in obtaining better fingerprint image.
* The Optical Sensor on the Terminal is activated only when Finger is placed on sensor. Otherwise it will be in standby mode resulting the longer operating life.
* Global greeting/message at employee login
* The FPT2000 Terminal supports 1:1, 1:N, 1:G identification and verification. This result to greater flexibility, low FAR, FRR rates, high speed matching on large number of employees. (More than 5,000 employees)
* Audio-visual indications for acceptance or rejection of fingerprint.
* FPT2000 provided multiple modes of verification. Fingerprint Identification as well as PIN No identification. Administrator has to give permission for PIN Identification.
* All the necessary hardware is built-in to the device, including the hardware to connect the system to the corporate network. All the users need to do is to plug-in the most popular RJ-45 network cable to the back of the device. No other hardware and wiring is necessary. In contrast, all other existing security systems use the old RS232 & RS485 wiring system to connect to the dedicated computers (not to the corporate network), and it usually involves a lot of extra wiring works.
* Employee can select multiple modes using Keypad while going for official work like (1 - General Official Work, 2- Banking Work, 3- Marketing, 4-Canteen etc.) Other heads can be introduced in TimeTrak and Access Control Modes Master.
* LCD time and date display.
* Customizable LCD screen (Company Name, Time etc can be displayed).
* Durable enclosure sealed against moisture and dust.
* All event transaction data is stored in the buffer and reports to Server when needed.
* Easy Plug N Play integration with existing network.
* Standalone functionality enables employees to know their transactions, update data at terminal only.



Supplied Power  AC 230V 60/50Hz Input, DC12V 2.5A
Power Use  10W
Operating temperature  -20 ~ 60 Deg. C.
Operating Humidity  10% ~ 90% H 
Resolution  500 DPI
Verification time (11)  < 0.3 seconds
Verification time (1G)  < 1 second
Sensor  Optical sensor (Red LED as Light Source)
  Auto- Activation on presence of Finger
Identification time 1N (5,000  < 2 seconds
User Capacity  100,000 (up to 10 Fingerprints per user)
Log Data  10,00,000 transactions
False Acceptance Rate (FAR)  < 0.0001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR)  < 0.01%
Template Size  200~450 Bytes Encrypted (Variable)
Access Method  Select either Fingerprint Identification
  method or Pin with Finger.
Communication  Ethernet RJ45
RAM  256MB
OS  Windows 2000
Memory  HDD type (20 GB)
Main Board  Intel Board Supports PIV Processor
Keypad  Numeric keys 0-9, Function key 5 (In /Out
  keys)Alphanumeric 26 keys - Total 41 Keys
LCD  16*2 Alphanumeric
Sound  Buzzer ~ Speaker
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