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BioCam is latest advance biometric product of Mantra in 2007, it is not traditional Time&Attendance and Access Control, but the combination of the Multimedia and Identification. It has high accuracy and speedy identification in less than one second. This works on Linux operating system and ARM9 hardware platform. Big 8 inch color LCD, showing employee image, shows advertisement and messages. Particularly it is a kind of ideal product for Big corporate companies.



* Best Quality Algorithm with great identification speed within 1 second.
* Professional design for easy installation.
* Large-screen color LCD display, eight inch TFT high-definition graphical interface, a graphical interface can show color photographs of staff.
* Identification of a variety of modes to meet the individual needs of users : fingerprints, the password can be any combination of recognition.
* Off-line function for inconvenient network and USB-disk can upload and download files and images.
* Embedded IP protocol and 100M high-speed network
* The Time Attendance can speak and have all kinds of voice prompt and read the number of staff.
* Many complementary functions: notice, birthday wishes, gives the correct time, advertising and so on.
* Storage capacity can be dynamically allocated.
* Advanced embedded Linux operating system, hardware platform using ARM9.
* Can connect to an external Wiegand 26/34, double readers can be formed to work simultaneously.
* Unique work of the six models : 16 function keys and six keys to work, can effectively distinguish between on-duty, off-duty, out, out-back, overtime, off-overtime.



Modes of identification Mifare one card /proximity card, fingerprint and password
Speed RFID < 0.7 seconds / Fingerprint Identification < 1 second
Distance 2.5-10 cm (Mifare one card), 2.5-15cm (proximity card)
RS232 Baud rate 1668 Byte
Storage capacity 50MB hard disk, but dynamic memory allocation can be used to expand
FAR <0.0001%
FRR <0.01%
LCD 8-inch true color, 640 x 480 Pixels
Network port 100/10Bease-T Ethernet
Communication RS232 or RS485 or TCP/IP or Wiegand or U-Disk
Card Reader Mifare one or Proximity Card
Access Control Function Single embedded controller(standard)
Video camera 1.3 million pixels, HDTV Color Camera
USB port Embedded USB2.0 High Speed Interface
USB disk transmission USB disk storage attendance record, upload download files
Sound effect Voice and bell regularly
Multimedia functions Advertising etc.
Power 25W AC110V 50HZ !A 15% voltage
Environment 0 to -50 C temperature and humidity 10%-90%
Exterior dimensions 306X210X50(mm),1.6Kg,hanging installation 306 x 210 x 50 (mm)
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