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Dahua - 1604 LE-L

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DVR1604LE-L: 16 channel video inputs, 4 channel audio inputs, 16 channel loop outputs and 1 channel matrix output. The 1st and 9th video channels can support max 4CIF realtime recording and other channels can support CIF realtime recording. It can support VGA, HDMI, eSATA and USB2.0.

* New 1.5U standalone DVR with most competitive price and high cost effectiveness
* H.264 compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR
* Realtime live display up to 16 cameras with 720P high definition, 400/480 fps recording for CIF and special channel 4CIF realtime recording.
* Dual encoding streams support, flexible for network transmission and mobile phone monitoring
* Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
* 4 HDDs supported, eSATA port & CD-RW/DVD-RW supported
* 16 channel simultaneous playback
* Multiple control methods: Front panel, IR remote controller, DAHUA keyboard, USB mouse and network keyboard
* Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss
* Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, color setting, and title display
* Pan Tilt Zoom and Speed Dome Control: more than 60 protocols supported, preset, scan, auto pan, auto tour, pattern, auxiliary function supported. And with Dahua Speed Dome, 3D intelligent positioning function supported
* Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ preset, e-mail, FTP upload
* Powerful network software: built-in web server, multi-DVR client, MSS(mobile surveillance software for smart phone) & CMS. Networking access for remote live viewing, recording, playback, setting, system status, event log

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