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AVC 792

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Features / Details:

* H.264 Video Compression Technology
* Highly improves video quality for live, recording, and network
* Recording file size is minimized for longest recording time
* Lower bit rate required for fastest network transfer
* Multiplex Operation
* Allows users to operate live display / playback, recording, backup, and network simultaneously
* Audio Recording
* Supports 4CH audio input and 1CH audio output
* Quick Search
* Supports time search, event (motion-triggered recording) search and alarm search
* Easy Backup
* Supports USB flash drive, DVD writer (optional), and network for easy backup
* Easy Playback on PC
* All the backup files can be played directly on your computer by Windows Media Player, and there is no need to
install any software
* User-friendly OSD
* Graphical & multi-language OSD makes operation easier and more user-friendly
* Remote Independent Operation
* Changing of live view on the remote side is independent from the local site
* Central Management System
* Supports Central Management System function for remote surveillance to monitor up to 16 different IP addresses
* Low Cost Network Setup
* Supports dynamic IP for users with limited budget
* Easy and Free Upgrade
* Releases new firmware for free upgrade to advanced functions, and the upgrade can be completed via USB flash
drive or network.
* Supports Frame / Field / CIF resolution for recording
* Supports SATA HDDs
* Supports Pelco-D for speed dome control
* Supports day-light saving
* Supports covert recording
* Supports IR remote control
* Supports auto recovery after power failure
* Supports watch dog function after network disconnection
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